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Bricks R Us

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201 South Biscayne Boulevard
Miami, Florida 33131

Bricks R Us Description:
... If fundraising is in your future, Bricks 'R Us offers you today's best pathway to success. Personalized bricks and tiles by Bricks 'R Us, in the shape and size of your choice, can help you raise funds and provide donor recognition at the same time. ...

What we noticed about Bricks R Us:
Personalized bricks and tiles are a great way to build walkways and paths around buildings while generating enough donations to repair or build a new one. Team of sales and marketing people able to assist you.

Providing these fundraiser products and services:
  • Bricks & Signs Fundraisers (10 other suppliers)

    Range of fundraising profit margin is 40-80.

    This information was verified on January 28, 2008.

    In order to help us provide the most accurate information please feel free to submit new or revised information Bricks R Us please here. To place a fundraising order or to request more information for your charity you should contact Bricks R Us in Miami, Florida directly.
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