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Listed below is a collection of companies that provide products and services that you can resell for your fundraising efforts. Each product and for that matter each company can have a very different profit margin. Before you settle on a fundraising product company you should ask about shipping costs, minimum order size, if they will bulk ship or seperate your fundraising product by member. Asking these simple questions will help you to have an enjoyable and profitable fundraiser and avoid headaches. Also before you deal with any company you should see how long they have been dealing with fundraisers. Experienced fundraising companies can help reduce your project's stress and increse the fun in your fundraiser. Good Luck and happy fundraising!

Beef Jerky Snacks Fundraisers
40-50% Avg. Profit
Bottled Water Fundraisers
25-50% Avg. Profit
Bread Fundraisers
20-40% Avg. Profit
Bricks & Signs Fundraisers
50-90% Avg. Profit
Calendar Fundraisers
20-60% Avg. Profit
Candle Fundraisers
25-50% Avg. Profit
Candy Fundraisers
15-60% Avg. Profit
Candy Bars Fundraisers
50-75% Avg. Profit
Cheesecake Fundraisers
20-50% Avg. Profit
Chocolate Fundraisers
30-60% Avg. Profit
Christmas Fundraisers
20-45% Avg. Profit
Citrus Fundraisers
25-40% Avg. Profit
Coffee Fundraisers
20-60% Avg. Profit
Cookie Dough Fundraisers
25-40% Avg. Profit
Coupon Fundraisers
10-70% Avg. Profit
Flower (Fresh and Bulbs) Fundraisers
40-60% Avg. Profit
Lollipop Fundraisers
30-50% Avg. Profit
Magazine Fundraisers
35-50% Avg. Profit
Pies Fundraisers
20-50% Avg. Profit
Pizza Fundraisers
20-35% Avg. Profit
Prepaid Cards Fundraisers
20-40% Avg. Profit
Pretzel Fundraisers
25-40% Avg. Profit
Snack Food Fundraisers
28-45% Avg. Profit
Soaps Fundraisers
35-45% Avg. Profit

We are constantly adding to this list of fundraising providers and if you would like to help us grow it please contact us here at Fundraising HQ


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