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Pies Fundraising: This is a great and tasty treat of a fundraiser. Your supporters can choose from a selection of several different pie types and then have them shipped to them. Pies are genally frozen so they will keep in the freezer well and thus help you sell multiple pies to your supporters. You can also partner with a local bakery if you want to offer super fresh pies. The profit margin is tied with the shipping and handling costs so make sure take that into account. Your average profit margins can range from 20 to 50%. This is fundraiser seems to have better results for the winter when people stay in more and enjoy a tasty pie at home. During the summer months you may have better results selling sigle pie slices at public events (make sure you have all necessary food permits).

Bakery Express
10999 Red Run Boulevard, Owings Mills, Maryland, 21117

Chuck Batt Enterprises
10434 Leadbetter Rd., Ashland, Virginia, 23060

M & R Fundraisers
106 N. Plains Industrial Road, Wallingford, Connecticut, 6492

Masterpiece Fundraising
1047 Serpentine Lane Suite 100, Pleasanton, California, 94566

Memmis Fundraisers
204 Hillcrest Road, Hershey, Pennsylvania, 17033

Red Wheel Fundraising
16 South 15th St., Council Bluffs, Iowa, 51501

PO Box 1699, Fredricksburg, Texas, 78624

Watts Fundraising
850 E. 700 north, Huntington, Indiana, 46750

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