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Lollipops Fundraising: This is a sweet good time of a fundraiser for any group. Every age group enjoys lollipops and they are easy to carry around and most importanly will not melt in hot places like chocolate does. You can sell them individuallly or have your group prepare lollipop gift baskets or fill flower pots with them. Also don't forget there are many different types of lollipops your group can sell for a fundraiser. There are gourmet lollipops, rock candy lollipops, novelty lollipops and chocolate lollipops to name a few. Average profit margins range is 30 to 50%. This is a good year round fundraising product (witht he exception of chocloate lollipops). They will sell well in any weather and generate your group the much needs funds.

Bonham Candy
85 South 5th Street, Newark, Ohio, 43055

Darnall Fundraising
333 27th Street, Orlando, Florida, 32806

Freedom Fundraising
2546 Eastside Park Dr, Evansville , Indiana, 47715

Goodies Factory
1038 South Washington, Holland, Michigan, 49423

Jackson Candy
1518 Industrial Park Street, Covina, California, 91722

See's Candies
20600 South Alameda Street, Carson, California, 90810

Van Wyck Confections
PO Box 370, Castle Rock, Colorado, 80104

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