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Freedom Fundraising

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2546 Eastside Park Dr
Evansville , Indiana 47715
Toll-Free: 1-800-500-2500
Fax: 1-866-400-0784
email: letam@EVANSVILLE.NET

Freedom Fundraising Description:
... Take advantage of our team of FUNDRAISING SPECIALISTS. Call now with no obligation and let our experts answer your questions. We have worked with thousands of groups to help them meet their goals. ...

What we noticed about Freedom Fundraising:
Fundraising programs for all size organizations. Up to 50% profit margin with this fundraiser including lollipops, candy, candy bars and chocolates. Many name brands.

Providing these fundraiser products and services:
  • Candle Fundraisers Fundraising (23 other suppliers)
  • Candy Fundraising (21 other suppliers)
  • Candybars Fundraising (18 other suppliers)
  • Lollipop Fundraisers (7 other suppliers)
  • Snack Food Fundraisers (13 other suppliers)

    Range of fundraising profit margin is 35-50.

    This information was verified on January 28, 2008.

    In order to help us provide the most accurate information please feel free to submit new or revised information Freedom Fundraising please here. To place a fundraising order or to request more information for your charity you should contact Freedom Fundraising in Evansville , Indiana directly.
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