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Our staff has written these helpful fundraising articles to help you improve the success of your efforts and learn how to avoid costly mistakes. I think we can all agree that you learn something new everyday so take advantage of our staff's experience and make yourself look like a fundraising guru with our tips and ideas. We hope your team, school or organization have a great success.

If you would like to share your experience in order to help others we are accepting articles pending editorial review. Just use our contact form.
Ten Tips for a Successful Fundraiser
  Learn how to host a money making fundraiser for your charitable organization
August 2007
Create a Yearly Fundraising List
  Don't wait, plan today for regular fundraisers and maintain a steady flow of money
July 2007
Giving your Fundraiser Exposure
  Learn how to promote your event and make sure people know what you are doing
June 2007
Pinpointing Large Fundraising Donations
  People can support you at different levels so why not target people that can help more than others
May 2007
Asking for Fundraising Donations
  If you want help, the best first step is to ask for it, learn how!
April 2007
Fundraising Cheat Sheet
  Quick helpful hits for all charitable organizations and groups
March 2007
Grant Proposals for Fundraising Needs
  Submitting for official grants can be a big help, find out how
February 2007
Tax Deductions on Fundraising Gifts
  Help your donors help themselves during tax time with helpful deductions
January 2007
Capital Campaign Fundraising
  Here are special words of wisdom for those massive capital campaigns
December 2006
Getting the Most from Big Gift Donations
  Learn how to leverage your bigger donations and gain the most benefit
November 2006
Online Fundraising Might not be a Good Option
  Find out the pros and cons for internet fundraising and decide for yourself
October 2006
Approaching new Donors for your Fundraising Project
  New blood can help revitalize projects learn how to reach out and find new friends
September 2006
Tips for Making Fundraising Contact
  The more people you know the more people that can help you
August 2006
When your Fundraising Prospect says No…
  How to handle the situation and turn it into a winning situation for your group
July 2006
Finding Fundraiser Gift Givers
  On the search for people that are likely willing to help you
June 2006
Pushing along a Hesitant Fundraising Donor
  How to show a donor the right path and get them to move along it
May 2006
Fundraising Advice 101
  FAQs for beginners in fundraising and a good refresher for veteran fundraisers
April 2006
Going After the Big Gift Donations
  How to hit a homerun and score the big time help today
March 2006


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