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Getting the Most from Big Gift Donations

Fundraiser Newsletter Article

Make the most of your relationship with the major gift donators. If the prospect you are meeting with agrees to make a gift for your fundraiser, first thank them for their support of your cause and their generosity. You can never say thank you enough times, it will make them feel appreciated and it will also make them remember how helpful and courteous you were.
But donít stop there and now is not the time to be shy! Next ask them if they have anyone else they can recommend to you, whom may also donate a gift. If they believed in your cause enough to make a sizeable donation they may not have a problem also giving you a name or two in addition to contact. This may not work with all prospects, you will know during your meeting if it would be appropriate to ask or not.
You can ask that the prospect make the call for you or attend the meeting with you or simply ask for a name and make contact yourself saying who referred you to them and why. Having a referral from a business acquaintance will be a good step in the right direction right at the start!

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