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If you take the right steps from the start, a capital fundraising campaign should not be overwhelming or confusing for you. What exactly is a capital fundraising campaign? Basically a capital campaign is a feasibility study along with a planning study. One allows you to find out what is needed, the other allows you to plan based on projected funds and how to raise them. Keep reading to find out more!
The campaign usually has to be approved by board directors and itís usually based on a need or a study has already been completed to show what is finances are in need. A feasibility study can help decide if the amount of financing can be raised while the planning study assumes the amount of financing can be raised and then decide how to continue. Most times the capital campaign fundraising study will decide both the feasibility and how to raise the needed funds. It consists of interviews with prospects, mailed surveys and an overview of previous and current fundraising activity for your organization and community.
Through the study if a determination is made to continue with the capital campaign, the study results will then provide names of suggested campaign leaders, what funds are needed from different groups such as the community, vendors, corporations and the like, along with the time frame and how you will raise the needed funds.
A capital campaign can be studied and completed in three to six months depending on the avenue, you choose. A year or two is necessary to compile the solicitation while funds and pledges can take considerably longer.

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