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Pinpointing Large Fundraising Donations

Fundraiser Newsletter Article

As we have mentioned in previous fundraising articles, before making contact with your prospects do your homework first! Be sure to know ahead of time which companies are more likely to make a large donation to your organization and find out how much they have donated to previous fundraisers.

Here are some questions to ask and answer when trying to pinpoint which companies will give a large donation:

*Why do they have an interest in your cause?
*Do they want to help others or are they doing it for a tax deduction?
*Have they donated to this cause in the past?
*Are they making a donation on a recommendation from a friend or business acquaintance?
*Do they feel they are successful and want to give back in thanks?
*Are they making the donation in memory of a family member or friend that once believed in this very cause?

To find this information try searching press releases or by contacting the company directly. Ask for the person that handles all fundraising requests and ask them about their past fundraisers. Believe it or not, once you get them on the phone and get them talking, they will tell you everything you need to know then set up an appointment, in person!

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