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Tax Deductions on Fundraising Gifts

Fundraiser Newsletter Article

I canít begin to tell you the amount of times that I have told a colleague or friend about a gift donated to a charitable cause and they respond with. It may have been a large donation but they will probably just write it off on their taxes. Many people still donít grasp the whole fundraising idea Ė when a gift is given to charity, it isnít a 100% tax write off. It will still cost the company money and for one reason or another they felt they should donate to your charity. Why are we even mentioning this? Sadly because you will commonly hear someone say Oh, they donated for the tax deduction when that isnít necessarily the case.
Many organizations start an appeal for funds with the purpose of explaining what their cause is all about. They inform everyone what they do, why they do it and who they will be helping. Then they also explain further that in addition, the donation is tax deductible. Thatís great but there is more to the concept of fundraising and donations then getting a tax break. It seems companies figure if they wonít get their participation because they care well then they will hook them with a tax deduction.
Many organizations promote their foundation to donors with the tax deduction angle. But instead why not get everyone truly involved in your cause, making them care for more than just a tax write off. Speak with passion and make your donors understand that by giving a gift to your organization they will be getting more than a tax deduction.
While your agenda is to host a successful fundraiser to raise money for your organization, also make your donors and prospects get involved with your cause. It feels good to give and if they pay attention the rewards are more fruitful than just a tax deduction.

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