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Grant proposal writing is topic that causes most people to break out in a sweat and panic. What do I need to include, how do I write it etc. The good news is with the internet you have literally hundreds of resources at your fingertips to make it easy and painless.
Generally when obtaining grants, I tend to check out the local foundations first. I check in the foundation and grant books at the library that are listed geographically. I first narrow down the foundations that are local to me and my needs. Next, find out what types of fundraising projects they usually fund. This will arm me with a good starting point for obtaining a grant.
Review all the foundation needs and be sure to note what supporting documents they require for your first initial contact. If you canít readily find the information needed for your initial contact then phone them and ask them if they can direct you to the right person with the information you need.
People enjoy helping and you are in need of their help! Itís a win-win situation for all those involved. Relationships can be started at any level just by talking and being friendly. Due to the small amount of staff members at most foundations, the person answering the phone is most times the person that you want to be speaking too! They have the information you need. Ask your questions, thank them for their time and be sure to jot down the needed requirements so you can follow through.
When writing for a grant, most importantly donít get bogged down by all the advice. The best of grant writers follow the foundations directions and adhere to their grant requirements. Donít make the mistake of assuming all foundations are run the same, and require the same information. That could be a big mistake on your part!
While you want your grant proposal to be professional so the foundation will consider giving you a grant for your fundraising needs Ė speak from the heart along with providing facts. Donít just feel up the paper, talk with conviction and let them feel your passion and desire for your project.

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