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Before you begin soliciting for fundraising prospects itís a good idea to make a list of all potential donations and put them in a money group. For instance if you are talking with a larger corporation they will have more money to donate, but if you are contacting a smaller company you may want to ask for a smaller donation amount.

Itís usually better to ask for too much money than not enough. This way you have a cushion to fall back on. They may not be able to reach that high but they may instead offer half. Getting half is better than hearing NO! If you really are not sure what amount the company will be able to donate, try researching and finding out what previous charities the company has donated to. The companies that have a history of donating will usually continue to donate on a regular basis.

Grouping your fundraising prospects is one of the most important aspects of soliciting donations. Itís also a good idea but not always necessary to try and reach out to companies that support your cause and share a similar interest. Donít just contact any company, do your research first, it can only help!

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