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Citrus Fundraising: This is a great healthy way to raise needed money for your organizations. There are many farms across the southern US that will sell citrus produce directly to your group. You can order by the truck load, pallet or boxes. The most common citrus used for fundraising are grapefruit and oranges, The profit margin is closely connected with the shipping costs so make sure you also focus on that. Average profit margins range from 25 to 40%. This is great during the winter months when the fruit is best in season and people are looking for something sweet to get them through the short winter days. This is great for schools that are looking for an alternative to candy and chocolates.

Florida Indian River Groves
Post Office Box 2764, Vero Beach, Florida, 32961

G & S Groves
16755 Marssala Springs Dr., Round Rock, Texas, 78681

Hale Groves
P.O. Box 701330, Wabasso, Florida, 32970

Langdon Barber Groves
P.O. Box 13540, Fort Pierce, Florida, 34979

Mixon Fruit Farms
2712 26th Avenue East, Bradenton, Florida, 34208

PO Box 1699, Fredricksburg, Texas, 78624

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