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100-B Brickyard Road
Phoenix City, Alabama 36867
Phone: 1-877-25-BRICK
Toll-Free: 334-291-7767
Fax: 334-291-1964

Cannon Description:
... It's not that hard. We at Brick Sculpture by Cannon have helped thousands of fundraising with memorial brick projects since 1988. We can guide you through each step of fundraising with memorial bricks or you can let our professional fundraising specialists handle your entire project ...

What we noticed about Cannon:
Provides brick sculptures which can then be surrounded by donor bricks. This will create a an attractive focal point to drive more attention to your donor bricks. It has experience in large projects with thousands of bricks.

Providing these fundraiser products and services:
  • Bricks & Signs Fundraisers (10 other suppliers)

    Range of fundraising profit margin is 40-80.

    This information was verified on January 28, 2008.

    In order to help us provide the most accurate information please feel free to submit new or revised information Cannon please here. To place a fundraising order or to request more information for your charity you should contact Cannon in Phoenix City, Alabama directly.
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