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9612 Lake Pyramid Ct
Bakersfield, California 93312-6253
Toll-Free: 866-27JERKY
Fax: 661-587-8976

JerkyJerks Fundraisers Description:
... Use jerky Hut products when planning for your next fundraiser. Let the taste of Jerky do all the work ! Whether school, sports or any other project, Jerky Hut products make an excellent, not to mention, delicious tool to head up your fundraiser. ...

What we noticed about JerkyJerks Fundraisers :
Beef Jerky fundraiser pack contains the six most popular flavors including mild and hot cowgirl, golden nugget and teriyaki varieties. They can also customize the program to better suit your organizations needs.

Providing these fundraiser products and services:
  • Beef Jerky Snacks Fundraising (11 other suppliers)

    Range of fundraising profit margin is 20-30.

    This information was verified on January 28, 2008.

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