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There's more to these girls than just cookies!

What do you think of when you imagine girl scouts? You likely think of little girls in blue uniforms going door to door selling cookies. The girl scouts are what we like to call stereotyped by the cookie. It's unfortunate because girl scout troupes require extra money, brought in through fundraising, to finance educational workshops, camping trips, merit badges and uniforms.

We all want our children to be part of extra-curricular activities and hobbies, however when parents are constantly being asked to fork over money for camping trips, uniforms and merit badges in addition to the membership fees they've already paid it can become frustrating.

That's where the following fundraising ideas come in handy. We offer the following charity suggestions to ensure your daughter wears that girl scout uniform with pride:

Doggie walk for charity also often called Wag-and-Walks, this charity pet walk is not only for a good cause, its good exercise for everyone involved including Fido! It's simple to set up a sponsored dog walk all you really need is:

  • A park to host the walk which you can use for free!
  • Volunteer walkers your eager girl scouts and their parents.
  • Pets who will be more than happy when they hear the word W-A-L-K!
Volunteer walkers should solicit donations based on how far they walk, for example $1 per mile, or they can be sponsored for a set amount. For girl scouts who don't have a pet of their own, do some more good by approaching the humane society or a local shelter to loan out homeless pets for walking. As an extra incentive host the dog walk in conjunction with the humane society or local shelter and split the funds raised.

Babysitting for charity This fundraiser was showcased in our Cheerleading fundraiser section, but it's an equally good idea for girl scouts. It can be done as an individual event with each girl scout babysitting separately, or it can be done in a group setting for example set up a daycare in the girl guide hall or local community center. We know every parent loves their children, but we all need time to ourselves to relax and unwind. Wouldn't it be nice to have a date night on the town with your hubby? Well what if the local girl guide troupe offered babysitting services with all of the money raised going to charity? Of course you'd take advantage of it! Outfit the temporary daycare with games for kids, Disney movies and healthy snacks. Just keep in mind that there should be a suitable amount of adult volunteers girl scout leaders and parents - always present in case of an emergency.

Pajama party fundraiser This fundraiser was featured in our elementary school fundraiser section; however what young lady doesn't like a sleepover? This fundraiser is a little different as it actually has the girls sleeping overnight, but the idea behind this fundraiser is that everyone gets to wear their pajamas and be girls! This fundraiser is easy to organize, just have all the girls bring a friend and a sleeping bag to the girl guide hall. Have movies, snacks and girly games for everyone to participate in. The games and movies can be brought from home. Or ask the girls to bring in some of their favorite games and movies. The snack foods and beverages can be donated by a local grocery store or cinema. Simply approach them and tell them that all the donations will be going to a good cause. Admission to the sleepover party should be $5. The girls just need to show up with a sleeping bag, pillow, air mattress and their pajamas. Other than a group of giggling girl scouts, you will also require volunteer supervisors. Ask parents and trope leaders to act as overnight supervisors for the event.


Smile :)
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