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The best school fundraisers are the ones that include the entire student body. When you plan a fundraiser for your entire school you want to go big or go to detention. Raising money for the school you attend is something that will make students will take pride in. Fundraising cards are an excellent way to get the whole school involved in your charity efforts. These handy cards are offered by large restaurant chains, phone companies and major retailers, and they offer the cardholder discounts on meals, merchandise and services that is typically worth 2 to 3 times more than the value of the card itself.

The following high school fundraisers are based on discount cards, and they attempt to incorporate everyone from the math club to the football jocks into the fundraising spirit:

Pizza day fundraiser Are you familiar with pizza cards? These discount cards offer discounted food through a national chain like Pizza Hut, Pizza Delight, Dominos, New Orleans or Pizza Pizza. They often grant the cardholder deals on their menu items such as two- for-one pizzas offer, free side orders of wings or garlic sticks when they order a large pizza, or discounts on orders that exceed a certain price total, for instance 15% off orders over $30. Pizza cards cost around $10 and they are good for a one-year time period. Because pizza is probably the most popular food in North America with young children and teenagers especially pizza cards as a fundraiser are a no-brainer. Approach a few major pizza chains to see if they will give your student body pizza cards to sell for their fundraiser. Then let your student body free on the community to sell the cards. Have prizes available for the most sales.

Prepaid phone card fund raiser You know what a prepaid phone card is right? They are cards with pin numbers issued by the phone company. When you make a call you can use the points on your phone card, depending on the denomination, to pay for the phone call. The points decrease as you use the card, depending on how long you use it per phone call (phone companies differ, but typically 10 to 30 cents a minute is typical). Major phone companies such as AT&T offer discount phone cards to schools as a fundraising option. For example the standard among phone companies is $10 per discount card. Schools can also brand their fundraising discount cards with their school logo or team name for an extra fee. The phone cards are available in denominations of $10, $20 and $30. The students can take to their neighborhoods, the mall, family members, friends and neighbors to sell the prepaid phone cards. The great thing about these discount phone cards is that many people already use them, for instance:

  • Families with kids away at college
  • To call distant relatives and friends
  • Those who travel frequently
  • On business trips to make international calls
  • For students to call parents in case of an emergency
See, prepaid phone cards are excellent fundraising ideas! Plus, folks would rather purchase them from a high school student if they know the money is going to go to charity, as opposed to straight from the phone company.

Discount retail cards We've already shown you the benefits of using discount prepaid phone cards and pizza cards for your next fundraiser, but did you know that major retailers, like Wal-Mart and Target offer their own discount cards on store merchandise? That's right! It would just make sense for individuals who frequent these stores to purchase a $10 discount card from you. Especially considering that these cards offer double to triple the amount in savings compared to the price of the card. In fact, a $10 discount card will often offer more than $50 to $100 in store savings. People are especially giving if they know their money will be going to a good cause for example towards education, extra-curricular activities and educational field trips. This is why many schools sell the $10 discount cards for $15 that's an extra $5 per discount card sold that goes towards the school fundraiser. And because the cardholder is already getting $50 to $100 worth of store savings, the extra $5 doesn't seem like a whole lot.


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